Tales and Trails Down Under

Join writer and motorcyclist George Lockyer and hit the road with him as he circumnavigates the wide brown land of Australia on his Kawasaki KLR 650 “Percy”. On his ride through the awe-inspiring landscapes of this ancient land George interviews in his laid-back style, a cavalcade of colourful characters. From iconic country singer John Williamson and former leader of the opposition DR Brendon Nelson to among others, cattleman, indigenous author, restorer, journalist and multi-millionaire Tuna Baron. We also get to hear the stories of fellow travellers, well-met at Roadhouses or “on the road.” At times hilarious but often philosophical, thoughtful and instructive, this travelogue is a must for fans of a rattling good read or anyone planning a road trip.

“Mired as most of us seem to be in this complex 21st-century world we’ve created – in the gloopy, clinging mud of domesticity and responsibility, this journey offered another chance to escape into the Never Never.

And what better way than in the saddle of a motorcycle? The most precious thing available to us is, of course, time and I’d reached the age where there was far less of it ahead than had gone before and so to quote folk singer Tracy Chapman, ‘if not now, then when?’”

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‘Lockyer’s masterpiece features beautiful photographs and great yarns about bikes and their owners.’

‘… Lockyer has pulled together a beautiful homage to bikes, riders and the great spirit of adventure that awaits on the open road’

Stuff NZ

‘The writing style reflects Lockyer’s self-confessed gentle approach to riding, making the book suitable for widely different audiences – even those who don’t especially like motorcycles’

Bike Rider Magazine

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