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The Last Hurrah

Second Edition

Des Molloy and Dick Huurdeman look like the sort of guys who should be sedately steering a sleigh in a Santa parade, not riding old single-banger British bikes half way across the world through some of the most difficult and remote terrain imaginable. Des’s son Steve joined this intrepid pair as a cameraman and general factotum for the highs and lows of an incident-packed three-month trek from Beijing to Arnhem on ‘Penelope’, a 1965 Yorkshire-made 650cc Panther, and ‘Dutch Courage’, a 1954 Norton 600.

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Tales and Trails Down Under

Following on from his highly successful The Long And Winding Aotearoa, George is at it again. This time George rides Percy, his trusty Kawasaki KLR650 around Australia interviewing 18 interesting and diverse characters. As always George shares the secrets of his soul, entertaining and informing as he does the ‘Big Lap’. Much more than a bike travel book, this is a read for everyone.

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No One Said it Would be Easy

A youthful folly across The Americas on old bikes

This is not a travel book … not a biography, nor a book of social or historical commentary. This is a reflective record of a boisterous adventure of substance. Deep down, most young people want to jump on a motorbike and ride off into the sunset, to places unknown. Sadly, for most, these aspirations remain only dreams. Our protagonists lived out that dream. We all have pasts, just some are bigger and more excessive than others.

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October 6, 2020


It’s a funny old time. The world is in the grip of a pandemic which has been affecting us all in different and often very personal ways. Some countries have gone brutally hard through having authoritarian regimes demand compliance to restrictive protocols.

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August 18, 2020


It is always prudent to reflect when you suffer a reversal on your ‘pathway’. Is it really that bad? Do you still have your health? Can you picture people in worse situations? … and always you can.

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July 3, 2020

Up Yours Covid!

Back in December, I announced that my little publishing initiative would be producing George Lockyer’s book Tales and Trails Down Under, a typically-superb account of his ride around Australia interviewing interesting people. It has been a head-wind ever since.

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