Adventure calls

August 13, 2021
It is impossible for the man who does nothing to be happy
Aristotle ... a long time ago

When in doubt – zig zag! Sometimes you do have abandon a dream when the reality sinks in that the stars are just not aligning. The Covid world we now live in is impacting on all of us, often directing our aspirations in directions not previously considered.

My riding around Australia on Penelope was to come to a wonderful climax in October and November 2021. The timing was such that I was going to be able to progressively attend the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island, be part of grandson Arthur's seventh birthday celebrations, attend the Australian Panther Owners' rally near Bendigo, before going to Tasmania to explore and hopefully track down The Plastics (Mark and Pete) who featured so prominently in our No One Said It Would Be Easy saga of 45 years ago.

With the collapse of our trans-Tasman Covid-free 'bubble', I have finally faced up to the reality of not making a sortie to Australia this year.

But wait! ... another adventure is on the horizon ... one that is possibly much more humble, but one that is exciting me all the same. I'll not spill the beans yet, but already I am fabricating suitable luggage. Decades ago, that is what I did for a living. I made a range of motorcycle touring luggage. A much younger man gazes out upon you from this old Drifter Products brochure. The beard is now white and the hair mostly gone, but the excitement is the same.

Already my spirits are soaring. The anticipation of an adventure is half the fun. The dreams may not pan out into reality – the sun doesn't always shine in the real thing like it does in the musings beforehand ... but every day away adventuring on a moto is wonderful. It is making new memories – the ones that aren't just repeats of yesterday. Whilst the embryo is growing, it is not yet fully ready for full exposure. I'll get back to you soon, when we are ready. Kia kaha.

If you fail to plan ... you plan to fail. I need patterns and sketches to make anything. The 4 mm 'greasy cover-strap' leather will need the might of the old Singer 132 K6
Making little drawings of how it all goes together will minimise cock-ups
Hopefully my local fabricator will be handing this over in the flesh in the next wee. It makes sense to me ... and I'll show you it in action soon.
Here are a few wisdoms from a much younger me. I sound a bit full of myself, but that is the confidence and brashness of that young man ... it will diminish in time.
Our mate Alastair's Norton Commando Interstate was only a few years old when this was posed. How time flies.