No One Said It Would Be Easy

November 17, 2019
When in doubt ... zig-zag
Des Molloy navigational philosophy

The title of my book is proving to be an apt description of the publication pathway. There have been so many minor hurdles and issues to solve, the latest being neither the books nor the beer turning up when they should.

Both were lost for eight days ... the books reached Auckland OK, then the tracking advice was 'Your package has been delayed due to a Government regulatory agency hold.' It was co-incidental that I was in Auckland on Friday morning and able to visit the enormous facility that is the International Freight Centre. All they could tell me was that UPS were served by another agency and gave me a number to call. All my panicking was in vain as with no fees paid, whilst still showing on the tracking website as being happily warehoused in Auckland, the seven boxes of books turned up at home. The beer meanwhile had been dropped off outside our road-side garage door. Un-noticed by Steph or the road-workers building our cycleway, the boxes of liquid gold lay undisturbed for several days and nights.

So, what's hard about that? Nothing ... just a bit stressful. The getting NOSIWBE to market is proving a little harder. Minor glitches include taking two weeks to get a version of the Kindle version online that didn't have the end of each word overlapping the beginning of the following word.

Early on we also learned that Amazon (50% of all book sales), who we have chosen as our conduit to the world, were very 'zonal' and a Canadian friend couldn't buy through the Australian link we were providing. The solution seemed to be having three 'buy-now' buttons so North American, European and Australasian customers could all purchase ... 'Yeah Right!' Last night I went through the process of buying my own book. "Oh No", said Amazon Australia "We can't supply to your NZ address. Do you want to change it?" Well no, I am happy with where we live, we'll have to sort out a 'work-around' ... which won't be a button for every country.

Meanwhile, I know Book Depository have supplied to an Australian address with a delivery period of 11 days. Fishpond, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia etc are all showing stock and offering to ship without delay. For Kiwis (or others) wishing to buy signed copies direct from me, please email me at and I will supply purchase details. Meanwhile, I have consulted with the omnipotent one, and she is going to supply good weather for the ride-in bike show and book launch next Saturday. The paddock is mowed and ready. All we need now is a crowd.

So we've got books ... woop, woop! Cindarella will go to the ball ... Thunderbirds are go !!! etc, etc. Let the games begin!
Yes, beer ... tick! Socially responsible host that I am, we've got low-alohol craft beer from Garage Project.
And the paddock is mowed, ready for dozens of motos