The acorn has sprouted!

December 13, 2019
“If there is any way of seeing less of a country than from a motor-car I have yet to experience it.”
Eric Newby (1919 – 2006)

I reckon Kahuku has landed the big one here. Well-known and respected motorcycling writer George Lockyer has decided that his third book should be under our wing. How great is that?

In conjunction with Jess Kelly of The Design Dept of Ballarat, Australia … collaboratively and collegially we will bring you another interesting book. This is of George’s adventures riding his Kawasaki KLR Percy (no jokes about pointing to the porcelain please) around Australia interviewing interesting characters and famous people in his usual entertaining style. So watch this space!

There are those who would have concluded this arrangement via a video-call, but in the spirit of the book-to-be, George and I each rode about 300 kms to meet at The Store in Kekerengu. Roadworks on the way meant we were both late, and then found that the internet was down, so I couldn’t show George magic stuff from my ‘cloud’ which I had intended to … but we coffee’d and brunched satisfactorily, before heading off in opposite directions. It probably looked like a drug-drop.

So what is being said about ‘No One Said It Would Be Easy’? Feed-back and reviews are great so far.

‘No One Said It Would Be Easy is a ripper of a yarn in the tradition of a Boy’s Own adventure. A wonderful adventure and a love story, well written and filled with humour and wisdom.’
‘Full marks for a wonderful read. Enjoyed every page.’
‘I loved this book. Although I can count on one hand the number of times I have ridden a motorcycle, Des not only gave me a beautiful travelogue but a unique perspective on experiences I could never hope to emulate – I felt I was on the road with him and the band.’

This book will make a fabulous stocking-filler – Santa Claus. NZ orders will still get to you by Christmas. $30 including postage

Any excuse for a ride. "It's a business meeting!"
When your 'target' lives 600 kms away, it is obvious to meet in the middle. The Store was as good as ever. It always brings back memories as it is adjacent to a bridge that used to be a regular overnight spot for sleeping under.