Des Molloy

A dreamer and schemer. Maybe mum was right when she used to describe me as a ‘little Walter Mitty’ – a fictional character of James Thurber. I laugh when now as an adult I can reference authorities like the American Heritage Dictionary and find Walter Mitty noted as ‘an ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs.’ In my childhood I’d not enjoyed the Danny Kaye movie portrayal and thought mum’s description was mean and a little demeaning, even though she always said it with a smile on her dial. Now I would wear it as a badge of honour.

More Bill Bryson than Robert Pirsig, I enjoy sharing my adventures with others. I come from a line of raconteurs who loved a fireside yarn and I humbly endeavour to continue this affliction for the generations who follow

The Last Hurrah

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No One Said it Would be Easy

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